About Us

Cyberwise Solutions Inc is a Software Development and Marketing Company and offers mobile focused solutions under the Apptekz brand

Apptekz is a Mobile App Developer based in Eustis Florida, focused on creating Mobile Apps for Small & Medium Businesses


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Our story

With over 50 years of combined business, marketing and technology experience, we focus on providing business technology & marketing solutions to small and medium sized businesses. Cyberwise Solutions Inc, and our sister company, Apptekz, LLC are locally owned and family operated and focused on helping small to medium businesses.

Small businesses are able to use our products and services to grow their brand, engage with their customers, and increase their customer base while building customer loyalty and reliable revenue streams for their businesses by maximizing their digital reach in the local area.

Mobile marketing solutions offered through our Apptekz brand allow us to provide best in class mobile technology at an affordable price.  Schedule a Free Strategy Session to see how your business could benefit from a mobile marketing strategy.

Kevin Knight is the Founder and CEO of Cyberwise Solutions, Inc.  He has over 20 years of experience delivering Enterprise technical solutions to many of the largest corporate and government organizations in the world. He manages all operations, development, and product delivery.

The Apptekz brand was launched in 2015 to focus on making mobile technology affordable for small businesses.

Jann Knight serves as the President of our company and has over 20 years of, management, marketing, real estate, and customer service experience. She handles many of the business operations and keeps us running smoothly.

Glenn Knight is focused on the customer experience and works with our development and design teams.  He ensures that we are consistently exceeding customer expectations on all levels and coordinates training and customer on-boarding to maximize customer success.