What is Free Push Marketing?

Free Push Marketing is our Free Push Notification Service.

It is available on the Apptekz Mobile App platform. Now you can send push notifications to your all customers using your branded mobile app.

Free Push Marketing notifications are included with our premium mobile app which is designed to keep your business in contact with your customers, even when they aren’t in the store.  This enables your business to stay top of mind when the customer is most ready to take advantage of your latest promotion or offer.

  • Communicate with your customers with push notifications, directly to your customers through your own mobile app
  • Stay in contact with customers even when they aren’t in your store
  • Send out special offers & promotions
  • Remind customers of special or unique offers
  • Reach out to customers to sell over stocked or perishable items at the end of the day
  • Send message of celebrations, local events, daily specials, or promotions
  • Most of all, this is free advertising directly to your customer base, whenever you choose!
  • Link your notification message to Digital Coupons, Promotional Videos, and more, right on the phone

Why does having Free Push Marketing matter to almost every business owner?

Most businesses have many regular customers, hundreds or even thousands of them. However, the only time the average business owner gets to interact with their customers is when they are in the store. Having a branded mobile app to give to your customers keeps your business and the products or services you sell right in front of them.  This means that every hour of the day, you have the potential to reach out to your customers when you have specials or events that you want to let them know about.

You can reach out to every one of your customers at one time with a single message and put it right on the phone they have in their pocket or purse and share your message or you can use Geo Targeting to send only to people within your target range to avoid to sending to people that are too far away to take advantage of a specific offer.

This creates more frequent visits, more spending per customer, and even brings in more customers as they share the offers with their friends, family, and colleagues.

Having similar capability with vendors that specialize in text message marketing could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars each month but we offer this service absolutely free, with a mobile app branded to your business.  This will save you thousands of dollars per year in advertising an marketing expenses.

Your customers may not look for your advertisements in the paper or local publications or remember to bring a coupon but they will never forget to bring their phone.  They will see every offer you send out and decide right then and there if or when to re-visit your business.  Your revenue will increase, your customer loyalty will increase, while your costs go down.  This is truly a WIN-WIN situation.

Put this feature to work in your business today! 

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