Solutions for Small Business

Cyberwise Solutions, Inc.

With over 20 years of marketing and technology experience, we are focused on providing business technology & marketing solutions to small and medium sized businesses.

Locally owned small businesses use our products and services to grow and retain their customer base while building customer loyalty and reliable revenue streams for their businesses.

Management Team

Kevin Knight is the Founder and CEO of Cyberwise Solutions, Inc.  He has over 20 years of experience delivering Enterprise technical solutions to many of the largest corporate and government organizations in the world.  Kevin has served in many capacities in the software industry including support, events, marketing, consulting and product management while working at Seagate, VERITAS, and Symantec.

Jann Knight serves as the President and Chief Operations Officer.  She is responsible for managing our day to day operations, marketing, and customer experience.  Jann has over 20 years of real estate, marketing, management and customer service experience.

Glenn Knight serves as our Customer Service Manager.  He is experienced in all levels of customer service.  Glenn ensures that we are consistently exceeding customer expectations on all customer service and support interactions and coordinates training and product installations to maximize customer success.